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Welcome to T&R LASHXTEND!

We are a beauty company with the mission to help you feel and look your ABSOLUTE best with our amazing eyelash extension products and services.

Our lashes are lightweight and ultra-comfortable. They look so natural that you will forget you have them on!

Of course, others will surely notice how attractive your eyes look and how effortlessly dolled up you look all the time. You will love how enhanced your facial features look and how less makeup you need to look presentable every day.

Fall in LOVE with the T&R LASHXTEND Experience

At T&R LASHXTEND, we focus on your satisfaction. You’ll fall in love with our spa-like salon experience that makes you feel super pampered. Our licensed lash artists’ professional style and seasoned expertise will impress you and put you at ease.

Before we get started, our trained Lash Artists will:

  • Give you a detailed free consultation to discuss your requirements and explain how they will be met.
  • Help you customize your lashes’ curl, length, volume, fullness, and shape to match your eye structure, personal style, and lifestyle.
  • Guide you on maintaining and caring for your lashes.
  • Enable to determine when you might need refills or refreshers.
  • Help select the right option for you. They specialize in designing classic style, hybrid style, light volume style, and mega volume style lash extensions, along with a range of looks.

Say Hello to a New YOU!

Explore our range of services and products along with membership options NOW. Don’t hold back from the opportunity to enjoy a brand-new glamorous look with our low-maintenance lash extensions in just a couple of hours!


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